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Although it was considered excessive pork barrel spending in 1898, the $6 million deepening of the Sandy Hook and Main Ship Channels resulted in a safer, more accessible New York Harbor.


“You would’ve actually been a lot more accustomed to [bombings] in New York 100 years ago than people are today. Bombs were a shockingly regular feature in the early 20th century.” — Historian Beverly Gage

Learn more about the era when bombs besieged New York City.

From The New York World - what every New Yorker, NYPD included, needs to know about the law behind stop-and-frisk. Learn more: http://www.thenewyorkworld.com/2012/10/25/nypd-gray-zone/

Ah, the freewheeling days of 1953: when the Washington Post could run a photo of a 5-year-old girl wearing only underpants, along with her home address.